Hi there! My name is Megan Currie, I’m a culinary translator, and I write and manage Cuisinology, a blog that deals with food, language and culture. Through my work, I often encounter fascinating aspects of international cuisines and food cultures, so I created Cuisinology as a separate space where I can share what I learn through my work.

If you have an interest in food, culture and language, I invite you to settle in and take a look around. If you’re a translator working in the food and drink industry, I hope you will find the multilingual glossaries (coming soon) useful: they will start out small but I will build on them as I go along, and contributions are always welcome. And if you think you could have a use for my professional translation services, please feel free to visit my company website at http://omegalanguage.com, or shoot me an email at megan@omegalanguage.com.